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Hi! My name is Ernie - short for Ernesto. Welcome to my website! I was a green & yellow budgie & grew up with a great family. I loved my "flock"!
2005 - I will miss you Ernie. Well, after a few months of battling a swollen belly, multiple trips to the vet, meds, drops, heating pads and even a tummy "tap" to drain her belly, Ernie lost a battle against what appeared to be a tumor in her belly. She was up and happy and waddling around as she had been recently, uncomfortable but still "Ernigetic" and as affectionate as always. Still kissed me to say hello and played chicken with my computer mouse. Then within a matter of a few hours, she deteriorated (looked like a hemorrhage internally) and she seemed to be in some pain. Then she was gone. I was on my way to the vet, but it was too late. I will never forget her. She had been my buddy for at least eight years, through lots of late nights studying, and much much more. Ernie - I will miss you so much. Hope you are happy and at peace, my little friend.

2004 - A few weeks ago, I got squashed. Sat on. It was an accident, of course. I was doing my usual playing & crawling around (uninvited) on the shoulder & back of one of my flock members, and it happened, very quickly. Apparently I am a very tough birdie because not only did I survive, I had no injuries except a slightly bruised beak! Was seen by the vet & given budgie-strength ibuprofen. Doing just fine, now!

2003 - It's official. I am a GIRL! We know because I have been laying eggs (see photo) all over the house (my owner's, not mine). Hee hee. Who needs Easter egg hunts? I don't think she has found all of 'em yet. I even lay one while sitting on the roof of my cage. Of course it rolled off, landed on the floor and cracked. Oh well! It's ok because there are no babies in these eggs. FYI: Yukon is a girl too...


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